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Dear Editor Gingrich & the Fishwrapper staff

Friday 01 October, 2010

Dear Editor Gingrich & the Fishwrapper staff: Thank you for your marvelous regular publication. By God's blessed providence, yesterday our family found your wonderful publication when we "just happened" to be visiting the Lancaster area for a few hours and picked up a free copy. What a breath of fresh air is provided in your content! I am placing this first merchandise order with much joy and will be talking with my husband soon about placing a subscription order also. We live some distance away and surely will not find any copies of The Fishwrapper locally and, though I realize you've generously made it available on-line, I'm not certain that particular format would be best for us. Thank you again for your wonderful publication and especially your BOLDNESS in addressing head-on some of the extremely non-educational "sports & entertainment" foolishness that is pursued with an amazingly unquestioned blindness within many of (most of?) today's institutional schools.
Testimonial By: Lark W. Kirk

Just wanted to thank the fishwrapper team

Tuesday 30 November, 1999

Just wanted to thank the fishwrapper team for printing something worth reading. We need more "good news", and christian influence all over......Im a 30 year old mother of two and our whole family enjoys this paper...Thank You!!
Testimonial By: Kate Derstein

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