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The story of the Orange

Wednesday 02 February, 2011

This Christmas I had given as a present along with all the others an Orange to my 8 grandchildren.I read to them along with the dinner blessing the story of the Orange and the kindness and sharing that we all should have toward each other.I think God pushed me into this reading at our Christmas dinner.I hope this story has moved into our hearts as much as it has mine.Thank you for your superb publication
Testimonial By: Francis Dwyer — Harrisburg, pa. — retired


Saturday 06 November, 2010

As regular visitors to the Lancaster area I have read many articles from the fish wrapper. I so enjoyed the paper I bought a book with many of the stories compiled within it. Best of luck to all those at the fish wrapper staff. Keep up the good work!
Testimonial By: Scott E Eck — Allentown, Pennsylvania

Thank You

Wednesday 27 October, 2010

I plan to use them [Precious Proverbs] in my English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. I've used several different articles from the Fishwrapper if I think they will spark good conversation. Not to mention, I really enjoy reading the Fishwrapper myself. Even though I no longer live in the area, I try to check in and read it online.
Testimonial By: Joy

The ad went out on Friday

Friday 01 October, 2010

The ad went out on Friday. “As of Monday Morning at 9Am we already had 6 calls from the Fishwrapper ad.”
Testimonial By: Lamar - Glowing Log Cabin

Thanks so much for your service!

Friday 01 October, 2010

Thanks so much for your service! Out of all the places I advertised for my open house, the Fishwrapper generated the most response, The Fishwrapper gets read
Testimonial By: Lafaye — East Earl, PA

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