Volunteer Coordinator who is part of the Activities Dept

Wednesday 19 September, 2018

As a Volunteer Coordinator who is part of the Activities Dept., I can tell you that many volunteers use the Fishwrapper to read to residents who cannot read. I also know that sometimes an activity assistant will pick a theme and will read Fishwrapper stories related to that theme to residents as part of the regular 10 a.m or 2 p.m. daily activity conducted on each of our 7 floors. With over 400 residents, so many here who are able to read find the Fishwrapper stories quite comical, inspiring, encouraging, and it helps them pass the time. All our staff enjoy reading Fishwrapper too! Thank you for helping to keep our residents happy!”
Testimonial By: Kim K. Skinner, Volunteer — Lancaster, PA — Coordinator, Conestoga View Nursing & Rehabilitation

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